Jan 21 2009

Basic Computer Hardware’s

In this post I am going to teach you all some basic computer hardware’s to develope your computer knowledge.

This is the Motherboard. It has many slots to insert many things like RAM, Video card, Processor etc..

This is the Compact Disc (CD). It is a storage device. It has a memory of 700 MB of storage.

This is a Computer Fan. It is used for cooling the computer down.

This is a Digital Video Disc (DVD). It is a storage device. It has a 4.7 GB of storage.

This is a Flashdrive. Flash drives are used for storing files. It has many storage capacities like 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB etc..

This is a Floppy Disk. It is a storage device. It has a storage capacity of 75 KB to 240 MB.

This is a Gamepad. It is used for playing games.

This is a Headphone. It is used for hearing sounds from the computer.

This is a Keyboard. It is used for typing. A standard keyboard has 104 keys.

This is a Printer. It is used for printing stuffs from the computer.

This is the Monitor. It displays whatever the computer commands too.

This is a Mouse. It is used for navigating in the computer. It was found by Apple Inc.

This is a Power Supply Unit (PSU). It is the supplier of power to the Central Processing Unit (CPU).

This is a RAM. It is a form of computer data storage. It also speeds up the computer.

This is a Sound Card. It is a computer expansion card that facilitates the input and output of audio signals to/from a computer under control of computer programs.

This is a Speaker. These are external speakers, commonly equipped with a low-power internal amplifier.

This is a Video Card. It is used for improving the graphics of a computer. It is also known as Graphics card.

This is a Webcam. It is a low resolution camera used for sending the video it is capturing through the internet.

This is all I got so I hope this post makes you a computer genius :P

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2 comments on “Basic Computer Hardware’s

  1. This is very nice. It’s good to share your what you know. Keep learning and sharing. You are onto a great start of computer know how. Let me just tell you there is a world of info out there. Let sourceforge be your friend.

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